Review / Track function is not sophisticated

Sven L. shared this idea 20 months ago
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Hello everyone!

For me, this function is very important but not sophisticated just yet. It only tracks new Paths/Blocks and Notes but does not track “text changes” / other attribbutes or reorganisation of the Path. In addition, I am missing that I can set a password to force the function "Review on", as it exists in Word. Now I can hardly send my colleges the map, without fearing that I didn’t realise "bad or wrong" changes had been made.

If I am wrong with any statements, I would be delighted to hear any solutions.

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@Sven L

Please explain what you need to make it more sophisticated.

Preferable with some images included of what your current issues are.

Are you referring to functionality of the Review Ribbon?

Passwords can be set via the File menu => Info, but maybe you need more?


Hello Ary V.

This is the segment I am refering to:


In Word it looks like that, and it really works (all changes are visible, not only some), also with password.


With kind regards



Ok I understand that you want it. I voted for your idea and hope Developers will be able to work on it..

(It maybe just dutch people, but you are the first I encountered that uses the Review tab and process ;-)