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Catherine F. shared this idea 19 months ago
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By design the printing feature in MM 2022 (and it also did this same method on the past 5 versions I used) was to print each note on a single page. I don't need to print them out often but when I do I need them continuously on a page to reduce the paper and ink used and the search and find in time. If it could be printed in PDF to all in one page that would work as well. How about changing it after how many years now? At least 8 through 4-5 versions. If not PDF, Word is good too. I've made this request during the last 8 years and never received a response. Can't this be programmed to do? At least give me an answer so that I know when a client demands a copy I will enter it into another mind map app.

I have some clients who are old school and want a copy of my printed notes from my MM and I need to give it to them. Yes, old school, but not just one client, but 6.

So far I print PDF and save and open in PDF suite, then I OCR and send it to Word. Then I have to open and delete all the extra page spaces. Too time consuming when all that is needed is to have a choice to print all the notes in linear form, one after the other (like I'm doing manually).

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Thanks Catherine for posting this here.

I think the best approach would be to have three options:

  1. Print notes on separate pages (the only option currently)
  2. Print notes continuously (ie, without page breaks between notes)
  3. Export notes continuously to Word

The last option could be built using the current Word export, with most of the dialogue boxes relating to other topic properties omitted. In effect this would be a streamlined version of the workaround I suggested in response to your initial query.

This facility could appear in the Notes export menu, and/or as an additional option on the first dialogue box in the export to Word facility. This would bypass all the remaining options and take you straight to just the final dialogue boxes that deal with numbering, templates and styles before exporting.