Some functions of MM 12 for Mac are limited

Carl Z. shared this question 20 months ago

It's found that many functions of MM 12.1.190 for Mac cannot be used anymore, for example: Format (both Style and Text) is grayed out as unavailable. However, this functions are normally used in MM 13 for Mac so as 2020 Chinese Version.

I bought MM 12 in 2020 and hope can continue to use it. How can the problem to be resolved?

My macOS is 12.5 Monterey.

Thank you very much!

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Hello Carl,

MindManager 12 for Mac is not compatible with macOS Monterey. Only MindManager Mac 13 (No longer sold) and MindManager Mac 22 are compatible.

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It's too bad...

Looks like I have to abandon my MM 12 and buy a new version. Using MindManager is a bit expensive, as one version only lasts for two years.

Anyway, thanks for your prompt reply.