Under progress icons - have the option of a 100% icon

Greg shared this idea 2 years ago
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Hi, I would like to have a 100% blue icon included in the progress icons.

This would help me when I do budgets and use the % icons for other tasks.

Q1=25% icon..Q3=75% icon, but at present Q4 = a tick I am suggesting a 100% icon.

For percentages completed the range goes from 10-90% but there is no 100%. Instead, 100% presumes a completed task and shows a green tick in a circle.

I would like a completely coloured blue icon to fit in the sequence of percentages. Please refer to the attachments. Screenshot "2021-02-03 110702 what is required.png" shows the 100% icon that I designed in the top branch.

Would anyone else find the useful?

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Is there a work around for this.

I tried using smart rules, without success, to swap the green tick with a full 100% icon.

See attachments for an explaination.