MM20 "copy as link", link gets broken when pasting in Microsoft application

Maximilian V. shared this question 22 months ago
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I got the issue that links to mindmanger topics that I copies with "copy as link" ar getting broken when pasting them for example in a mail, OneNote or a MS Teams chat.

When pasting the copied link directly in a browser it works fine, but somehow the links is getting changed when pasting it in a MS application:

Example copied link from MM20:


When pasting in a MS app:


Also spaces are getting replaced by %20 and parenthesis are replaced by %7. Is there maybe a setting or fix for that?

Thank you very much!

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You are right that they are pasted slightly differently, but on my computer with MindManager 22 the link works in both the browser and in Word, OneNote or Outlook.

However, the fact that you appear to be pasting the links into applications where the link is to be shared suggests an underlying issue. Links to topics within maps relate to the location of the map on your computer and won't work on anyone else's machine. The only way to link to topics within maps in this way is to use MindManager's Publish facility. When the map is published this way and stored on Corel's servers as a web page you can copy links to individual topics and share them - they should be universally available.