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Thomas W. shared this question 18 days ago

Hi together

I use notes when creating flowcharts. When creating the process steps, I always add new steps. That's why there are always new notes. When printing the notes, however, they are not printed one after the other, but in the order in which they were created. I then have to sort them out. Is there a solution for this?

Thanks in advance

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I think this is because MindManager doesn’t “know” anything about the logic of the flowchart, especially as the topics are linked by relationship lines rather than being in a hierarchical map. To make matters more complicated, flowcharts and concept maps can have topics linked in every direction, which would make it hard for the program to guess the logical order.


Hi Tomas,

this is one of my biggest wishes of the next update.

MM flowcharts gets exported in the order they nodes where created.

It would be perfect if I can move it in the outline view in the order I need, but this is not possible.

Regards, Andreas

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