How do I set default topics to various levels

Gary i. shared this question 22 months ago
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Hi, I am importing data into MM from word, it has been formatted so when I drop it into MM it already puts them at the correct level. I am trying to then have all of the topics auto formatted, so for example. All my lvls 1 topics are blue and all my lvl 2 topics are orange.

Any ideas ?


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You can create and apply Map Themes that will modify the format of topics by level. This is done in the Design tab. Applying a theme to a map will only update topics that don't already have a customised format. You can clear all the formatting in a map before applying a new theme by:

  1. Expanding all levels of topics,
  2. Pressing Ctrl+A to select all topics,
  3. Clicking the "Reset to default" button in the Format tab.

Then when you apply a new theme it will be applied to all topics in the map.