Program freezes, but has recovered changes, makes me log in, recovered changes gone

Andrew B. shared this question 19 months ago
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Your site makes it hard to give feedback about MindManager.

Usually couple times a month, the program freezes up and I have to quit it from the Task Manager (Windows 10). Then when I reopen it, I can see a message asking if I want to recover my changes. But suddenly a different screen appears and Mindmanager insists that I need to log in. After I log int, when I open the program the recovered changes are gone.

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Hello Andrew,

Saving Autorecovery info is controlled by corresponding MM option. Default interval - 10 min for unsaved maps. If you quit MM before this time no recovery info will be provided. To decrease the interval, please, navigate to MM Options -> Open & Save -> and set required period of time.

Otherwise we will need more information about your OS setup; where the map is stored (locally or Places), co-editing off/on; steps led to the freezing of the application; recovery is not suggested for specific map or for all maps were open before force quit?