My map cannot be openned anymore

Delphine L. shared this question 23 months ago

I had worked hard on a map and I cannot open it anymore... the size is only 1 ko now (it was much more before). Maybe it's related to the fact I had to restart my computer (for another problem, not mindmanager) => how can I do to find an archive or something that could avoid me to do the work all over again ?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Delphine,

If the file is is only 1kb in size, it is likely corrupted. Newly created MindManager files are typically about 25kb and up in size. If you had the backup option enabled in MindManager Options>Open & Save, you can search for files in '.bak' extension. If found, change the file extension to .mmap and open the file.

Otherwise, you can try to send the file to our support team but I'm not sure if that will help if the file size is so low - MindManager Support

If the file was saved in Cloud storage (Places), you can check if a backup was created by the provider.

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