Printing horizontal Timelines

Graham G. shared this question 2 years ago
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I'm having a real problem printing a horizontal timeline. It centres the title box as it would with any ordinary mindmap. this means I have topics going off to the right (with sub-sections vertically below) and nothing on the left.

Unfortunately, when I go to print it puts the title box in the centre and not on the far left. I've tried so many ways to sort this but it won't do it.

Does anyone have any clues?



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  1. Is there anything actually on the left of the central topic, such as an empty floating topic? The print area is normally calculated to include all printable objects, rather than placing the central topic in the middle of the page.
  2. If the map is much taller than it is wide, the zoom will be reduced to fit the longest axis. This can give the appearance of unnecessary empty white space either side. You can test whether this is happening by reducing the level of detail so that only the main topics in the timeline are visible. In the print preview, the map should fill the width of the page rather than putting the central topic in the middle of the page.