Match Width - why a format bug?

Carl R. shared this question 2 years ago
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When using the Match Width function to automatically change topic format to the same length there seem to be an annoying bug. What happens is that the software most of the times cuts the longest topic to just below the required length so that the topic cannot be displayed in one line. This causes the specific topic to be marked with a symbol to inform that there is more text in the box. Not at all pretty or nice or relevant. It doesn't matter how long or short or how much text there is - this happens most of the time and almost always if more then one word. It really takes away the reason to nicely format the topics if always one of the topics are corrupt. I see no reason to rationalize this functional behavior. Is there a way to work around this or fix this bug?

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Hi Carl,

What version of MindManager are you using?


Just now using version Windows 22.1.234

Problem has been around for long time though through many versions.

Currently about to update to latest version 22.2.207