Hope to create one project file which include multiple maps

yuan g. shared this idea 17 months ago
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When I use mindmanger to manager my project which is complex, I need to create multiple maps. If I use current mindmanger dreictory and files to manager them, it is not easy to maintain when I often change my maps and move them.

I always hope I can create one projects file which include many maps, I can list them clear and move them easily, e.g. onenote, UML tools "EA"(Enterprise Architecture).

Because mindmanger doesn't have this feature, so I used onenote for work notes. And I used Enterprise Architecture to draw flow chars and softerware design.

I hope I can use mindmanger to manager them in the furture, because mindmanger can be easy to maintain because I can drag and drop map node to anywhere, and I can easy make my map better.

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Hi Yuang,

  • try the view [Connected Maps] and combine them all to get a master-map of all you connected project maps.
  • use [Pack and Go] to move your linked maps and files
  • use [Map-Rollup] to get map structures from linked maps
  • use [Replace] to change the path in your hyperlinks

There a several possibilities to work with project maps, reorganize and move them.




Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your reply.

I can not find "Connected Maps", and I have tried others, but they are not friendly enough to me.

For example, I use mindmanger to manager my linux related knowledges, so I create many maps in multiple directories.

Currently, if I want to list them all in one map, I use "File Explore" to list them in one map "Linux".

But I often add new directories and files, or change old map file names.

I don't want to update the map "Linux" every time to keep in sync.

Then I can delete old map "Linux", and create a new map "Linux" with "File explore" button.

I want to customize the order of the files, then I need drag and drop file nodes, or give them a name that can be sorted automatically.

The UML software "Enterprise Architecture" can meet my needs to manager directories and files easily. But it has other problerms to manager knowledges. If possible, you can try it.




Hi Gangxun,

if you're using the File Explorer all your links get updated automatically. Why do you delete your "old maps"?

If you set the File explore to the right place, your map will be reorganized and updated. Names get changed, deleted file vanishes, but be aware the File Explore searches in the depth of to order levels. Maybe you have to set it more often.

Best, Andreas


Hi Andreas,

I tried "File Explorer" again, and I just found out that it has "Refresh" in the right-click menu.

This will help me to maintain my directories and files easily: add new files and remove deleted files automatically.

Thanks for your reply. I hope the product will get better and better.

Best, Gangxun