Sub- and superscripts in topic text

Andrey K. shared this question 2 years ago


How do I add sub- and superscripts in topic text in MM 2020 and later?

Thank you.

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Hello Andrey,

Sub and Superscripts are not supported in any version of MindManager. You may submit an Idea here on the community and other users can vote.

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Oddly enough, superscript and subscript text can actually be imported from Word into topic notes, so there is the option of creating your text in Word and simply importing it (please note that Word footnote numbers in superscript are completely ignored, as are the footnotes themselves).

Superscript and subscript can also be copied, pasted and edited within topic notes after import, including adding text. So you could create a dummy short section of either super or subscript and then copy, paste and edit this within topic notes. Obviously this facility is completely unofficial and unsupported, so its long-term reliability can't be guaranteed.


Thank you for commenting on this.

The workaround works (tick On paste, use formating from original in Options) only with topic notes, but not with topic text.