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Luciano M. shared this question 23 months ago

Hi I have been trying to find the download file MindManager Viewer APP to sharepoint" " e I coud'nt find this.

Please Could you help me give a solution to install MindManager in Sharepoint online modern view.

Detais application

Mindmanager: 2020 Customer

Sharepoint: Online 365

I attached files from my license and screen from Modern Sharepoint Online.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS As a SharePoint App Store administrator, • Download the App Zip file from the MindManager Reader for SharePoint section of the MindManager Enterprise Download Page. • Upload the file “” from the extracted zip file to your organizations App Catalog. The upload will automatically replace an earlier version of MindManagerSharePointApp and will change the app title from “MindManager Viewer“ to “MindManager Reader”

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I think you need admin rights for this.


Yes, I am admin center Sharepoint, the problem is that I can't find the download file MindManager Viewer APP to sharepoint


Hello Luciano,

The MindManager Reader for SharePoint is available to only MindManager Enterprise customers. If you and your company intend to join the MindManager Enterprise license program, please contact your MindManager account manager or preferred reseller.

Best regards,



Hello Marian, my license is MindManager customers and has a SharePoint Linker.

I Contact the reseller and I am waiting.

Please could you send me the link for download


System Info

Product: MindManager 2020 (64-bit)

Version: 20.1.231

Mode: Normal

User Name: helpdesk

Mindjet ID: none

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit version 6.3.19044

Tablet: supported; disabled

Multitouch: disabled

Internet Admin Flag: internet enabled


Database Linker (disabled)

Microsoft Excel Linker (enabled)

Microsoft Outlook Map Parts (enabled)

Microsoft PowerPoint Export (enabled)

Microsoft Project Import and Export (enabled)

Microsoft Word Export and Import (enabled)

Smart Map Parts (enabled)

Sort Topics (enabled)

Save as Web Pages (disabled)

MPX Import (disabled)

Browser (enabled)

Analytic Views AddIn (disabled)

Brainstorming AddIn (disabled)

Excel AddIn (enabled)

FreeMind Import (enabled)

Gantt Pro (enabled)

Export HTML5 Maps (enabled)

OPML Import and Export (enabled)

Microsoft SharePoint Linker (enabled)

XMind Import (enabled)

File Explorer (enabled)

Internet Explorer Version: 11.789.19041.0

Default Browser: Launcher 87.0.4390.45

Microsoft Office Applications:

Word 16 64-bit

Excel 16 64-bit

Outlook 16 64-bit

PowerPoint 16 64-bit


Hi Luciano,

Thanks for reply. The link will only be provided to you after purchasing an MindManager Enterprise subscription. Single license or perpetual licenses are not eligible.

The SharePoint Linker is feature in MindManager Windows and is unrelated to the MindManager Reader for SharePoint application.




Hi Marian, many thanks for your reply.


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