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Kumpei Y. shared this question 17 months ago

We are using MindManager Enterprise Subscription Windows22 version.

<What we are trying to do>

Add the comment KC2 to all topics tagged C2 in the map.


Up to the 5th one can be added, but the 6th one causes an error.

<Additional explanation>

1. The operation of selecting commented-out, C2-tagged topics can be performed to the end.

2. When changing not only the comment body, but also the optional arameters such as Author name and date, each operation seems to be counted as one. error occurs when a total of five operations are performed.

3. If you perform an operation to add a subtopic under the same conditions, it appears that adding a subtopic, changing the subtopic's title, and subtopic, and changing the title of the subtopic, each of which seems to be considered one operation. two renamed subtopics are added and one unnamed subtopic is added. The operation stops when two renamed subtopics are added and one unnamed subtopic is added.

The Macro is below .....

'#Language "WWB-COM"

Option Explicit

Sub Main

With ActiveDocument

Dim aSelection As Selection

Set aSelection = ActiveDocument.Selection Dim aTopic As Topic 'Set

aTopic = aSelection.PrimaryTopic Dim KK As Boolean Dim EX As String

'tag name

EX = "C2"

Dim EX2 As String

EX2 = "KC2"

Dim TL As TextLabels

Dim Day As Date

Day = #05/21/2022 14:00:00 PM#

Dim Idx As Long

Dim An As String

Idx = 1

For Each aTopic In ActiveDocument.Range(mmRangeAllTopics,True)

Set TL = aTopic.TextLabels

KK = TL.ContainsTextLabel(EX)

If KK = True Then




'An = aTopic.ReviewComments.Item(Idx).AuthorName

'Debug.Print An


'Debug.Print "No"

End If


End With

End Sub

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The macro with the lines commented out works OK.

However, adding topics to the map while iterating over Document.Range(mmRangeAllTopics) will cause an error. If you insert topics inside this loop, it changes the collection that you are iterating, which will lead to an internal index error. You will need to make a copy of the topics in the range before iterating over them. Then if the topics range in the document changes, it does not cause an error.


Dim m_Range As Range

Dim i_1 As Integer

Dim m_Topics() As Topic

Dim m_Topic As Topic

Set m_Range = ActiveDocument.Range(mmRangeAllTopics, True)

ReDim m_Topics(1 To m_Range.Count)

For i_1 = 1 To m_Range.Count

Set m_Topics(i_1) = m_Range.Item(i_1)


' Now iterate over the copy of the range

For Each m_Topic In m_Topics

' add subtopics



Thank you for your response!

I will follow your advice and try it.