Navigation inside map via mouse like in CAD-products

Kay R. shared this question 17 months ago

Hey there,

because I'm used to work with professional CAD-software like AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks and co I'm more than disappointed how to navigate inside Mindmanager, meaning zoom and pan.

In professional programs like mentioned before everything can be done via the mouse wheel, with pressing (pan), scrolling (zoom), double-clicking (zoom all). It could be so easy.


Is it possible to customize MM in a way, that it will behave like other professional software? - (Have a look at Xmind, they are working simmilar...)


If it is not possible I highly recommend to add this very nice and professional behavior to your software, maybe as an optional setting. Millions of CAD-enthusiasts can't be wrong.

Best regards,

Kay Rethmeier

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I agree.... Millions of MindManager users can't be wrong.

If you are using MM2022 for windows (and older versions as I recall) you can Zoom and PAN using the mouse and scroll wheel.

For PAN use left mousekey and scrol. You could also just click the mouse somewhere in the whitespace and the mouse turns into a Hand icon, Now you can pan just by moving the mouse.

For ZOOM use right mousekey and scroll to ZOOM

And there is even a minimized screen available where Panning is even easier and faster.

Please try this at home.


Hi Kay,

changing old behaviors is not easy 😉 but Pan and Zoom in MindManager is as easy as it can be.

Zoom all = F5

Zoom 100% = Strg +0

Zoom = Strg + Mouse wheel or Strg + +Key or -Key

Pan = moving central topic pressing left Mouse key or click in an empty space left mouse key

scrolling = Strg + Mouse wheel or Strg + arrow keys


My online Map with the short cuts: tastaturreferenzen_mm2019_de.mmap (

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Best, Andreas