Is this a bug? Cannot enable spelling auto correct

Kurt M. shared this question 2 years ago

In version 22.1.234 I cannot enable spelling auto correct. It is grayed out cannot be selected. The Language Pack is installed on my PC. Windows 10

It works in the previous version of mind map: version 21.1.231. This is an important feature for me. Please can this be looked at.

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Hello Kurt,

I cannot reproduce this issue. For next steps, I suggest you either repair MindManager or uninstall/reinstall. If that does not resolve the issue, please open a case with Technical Support here - MindManager Support

Note: Unlike in previous versions of MindManager, the Auto-correct entries are empty by default in MindManager 22 and it's up to you to add what words to replace. The new spellcheck feature in MindManager uses the Windows Spell Check engine and it automatically replaces text as you type for commonly misspelled words.

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