How to create a 3-circle Venn diagram

Danielle M. shared this question 21 months ago

The template for a venn diagram has 2 circles. I want to create a version with 3. How do I do that?

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When you create a map using the Venn diagram template there should be a topic at the top labelled "Tips". If you open up the topic notes for this topic the content should be labelled "How to modify the design of this template" which should have the following instructions:

1. Right click the background of the diagram.

2. Select Background > Unlock All Background Objects

3. Edit background objects as desired.

4. Select Background > Lock All Background Objects

When you have unlocked the Background Objects you can right click on one of the existing circles, and from the context menu select Copy, then paste it where you want it to appear in the map. The right click the circle again and select Format Object. Here you can add a name and change the colour of the line and fill, as well as the level of transparency of the circle, as well as move and resize it.