Makro for exporting a map as protocol

c.boehm shared this question 18 months ago


is there any source where it is possible to download macros from your webinars?

There was a webinar where the host showed a macro export to a word teamplate that would be very helpful.

I need a macro to export a map from a meeting into a word template - but was not able to find any useful help on how to either make my own one or to download a working macro that I could just alter to meet my needs.

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There is technical information for macro developers here:

There is no public library of sample macros but if you contact me at nick at harportconsulting dot com I will be glad to help where I can.

Can you identify the webinar? Maybe the macro can be obtained from the presenter.


I did this webinar 😀 It's our protocoll2go, see this video on Vimeo

Macros are additional features for MindManager and not available from the official webpage.

Mail me an I'll see what we can do