Import from excel to update task info

Catherine M. shared this question 21 months ago


I know we can import from excel with topic information.

However, I would like to import the information as task information instead of topic information to use these infromation for scheduling purposes. How can I tell the import wizard that the info are task information?

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Hi Catherine,

please see this short video. It's in German, but you'll see the possibilities anyway



I don't see the same options as he does when selecting the properties. He has 4 options (in german not sure what they are) while I have only 2 options : Property or Notes (see file attached). I don't have the 2 other options, one of which may by the task info. Why?


Hello Catherine,

The options to import task information in the Excel Data Mapper were added to MindManager 2020 SP1. If you do not see these options, you're likely running MindManager 2020.0. Go to the Help tab in the Ribbon and click 'Check for Updates' to install the update.

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