Publishing takes very long

Andreas L. shared this question 21 months ago

since the last update publishing a map takes a couple of minutes to start it for the first time.

This was much faster before the update.

What did you change and why does it takes so long to publish a map for the first time.

If the map is published, changes and updates are done very quick

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I have found it can take a very long time to load the preview


I never waited for the preview 😁

but now I can't go on before the preview is loaded


I found out that a new publishing link is still created even if the publishing process hangs up. That's my work-around for getting the link-adress:

1) Start publishing until it hangs

2) Abort publishing

3) Got to the overview "Manage published maps"

4) Copy the link that is listed there.

Et voila!


Hi Andreas,

We are working on a hotfix for this issue. We will be removing the publish preview step as it is causing issues with the time it takes to publish. The hotfix should be going out very soon. As a result of this change, users who wish to publish with a password must configure their password by clicking Advanced Options on the publish complete screen then checking the Require Password box.