Cannot access .mmap files

Michael H. shared this question 21 months ago

Suddenly, using macOS Monterey and M1 MacBook Pro with Mind Manager Mac22, I cannot open previous maps and get the attached error message about all my previous .mmap files.

If I use an iMac using macOS Catalina and MindManager 11.2.117, I can open all my old .mmap files.

If I use a MacBook Pro using MacOs Monterey with MindManager 14.0.178, I get the attached error.

How do I correct this problem?

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Hi Michael,

Would it be possible to provide us couple of original old maps you have, that are opening in MindManager Mac version 11 before you tried to open in Mac 14.0.178 at to troubleshoot further.

I would also advice you to install our latest version 22.1.159 using the download link below and see if you see the same issue.

And again please open a case with MindManager Support here and our technicians will check if the files can be repaired - MindManager Support

Best regards,



I have a similar error as Michael with version 22.1.159 on macOS Monterey (12.4). However, in my case it appears that this error occurs after printing the map file to pdf.