Can One Make HTML Interactive Map Links Open Word Docs from Network Location Rather Than Download?

jrosenfield shared this question 15 months ago

Hi there,

I'm wondering if there is a way to make HTML Interactive Map Links Open MS Word documents from their network location rather than download them to the Download directory? I noticed that if a link is to a Acrobat pdf file it opens directly from the network but alas not from Word documents.

It would be terrific if this was an option setting (ideally a default for a map with the ability to adjust as an attribute for each specific link).

Thanks for any help here.

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Hi Jrosenfield,

The HTML5 app downloads the files because that's the default behavior for that file type set by your browser.

You can view your Word docs in the browser when you click the link if you include links to Word documents stored in SharePoint or OneDrive. This is recommended over local network links because it ensures that anyone viewing your HTML5 map will be able to access the file regardless of where they are or their specific network mappings. It also improves security by ensuring that access to the file will require authentication and user based permissions.

If your scenario and/or use case demands local network links I encourage you to post this request in the ideas section so that others can vote on it.



Thanks so much for your response. I will be moving to SharePoint. Our company had been sold and so had to temporarily move to the network. Glad to learn that SharePoint will work differently.

Your reply does make me wonder how the default behavior of a file type set can be changed in a browser. I should be able to research that on the web. Thanks again.