Mindmanager memory usage

David P. shared this question 22 months ago

I've noticed that Mindmanager Mac (22) is using a huge amount of my system memory - opening an 800KB mmap results in Mindmanager using 1.46GB memory.

Is this normal? I'm running Mindmanager Mac 22 on an M1 MacBook.

I've had problems with Mindmanager crashing and thought it might have been some bad xml added to the mmap as a link, but wondering now whether it's actually a memory issue.

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Hi David,

Thanks for the reporting the issue. No, it is not normal. It looks to be a bit high, but hard to say without having the details and having proper troubleshooting. For that I would suggest, please open a case with our Technical Support Team here - MindManager Support with more details like

  • How many maps do you have opened at the same time?
  • If needed share the maps, as It could be due to a specific map being used.