How to change keyboard shortcuts that reducing work efficiency?

arya s. shared this question 22 months ago


i want to swipe "ctrl+enter" shortcut to "enter" and vide versa. it is really annoying that in every system "enter" means : make a line and move to the new paragraph, but here it finishes the node while i wanted it to do new line by mistakenly press "enter".

because "enter" means go to new line and start new paragraph in IT, everywhere in the world while here it closes the node, meanwhile globally "ctrl+enter" mean close the node or project or "accept it". Tired of pressing the opposite keys all the time. you put it reversed.

so, please add this as option or change it from root.


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Hello Arya,

Thanks for the feedback. I suggest you submit an Idea here on the community where other users can vote on custom keyboard shortcuts.

To add a new line when editing topic text, use keyboard shortcut Shift+Enter, which will add a carriage return.

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