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Hello community,

I am using MindManager 20 on Windows and I need to use different loadings for my ressources on the same activity.

For example I have A, B and C working on my activity. I assess that the activity will require 150h. Automatically MM divides the time by 1/3 and allocates 50h per person. I would like to change that and set it to 80-10-10% between A, B and C but I do not find how to do that.

I found that in the online help : "To change the resource loading for a task: 1. On the map, right-click the resource name in the topic's Task Info. 2. In the shortcut menu, click Edit Resource Effort, and then select or enter a load value." I can edit manually each ressource effort in hours but it would be easier to split the overall time between the resources using %.

Can I do that ?

Thank you

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I just tested this in MM vs 22 and the options you found in vs 20 still exist.

So you can divide the project by assigning -part of the - time to your resources.


If you have multiple persons working on the same task, how do you know it is done?

Could a solution be to give each resource their own task?