Identify topics containing large files or objects in notes

Greg shared this question 19 months ago

My MM.mmap is becoming very large.

Is there a way to identify which are the offending topics?

I initially thought that this may be possible through a macro, but certainly for images it seems that you can only view the image size in pixels rather than bytes

Any thoughts?

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That's a really good question.

As you say, the API does not reveal anything about the underlying image size. But you could identify large topics from the length of the topic XML, with Len(Topic.Xml). However, the XML for a topic will include all its subtopics, so to gauge the size of an individual topic you would need to subtract the sum of XML sizes of all its subtopics, including filtered-out ones. This has the advantage of including attachments in the calculation. Attachments are another non-obvious source of file size expansion.

The above would work well as a recursive procedure so that the XML of each topic is retrieved only once. The results could be expressed as a percentage of the document XML size to make it easier to interpret the significance. The topic sizes could be tagged in nominal bands (e.g. <1%, 2-4%, 5-10% etc.) so that it is easy to spot large topics in the Map Index. If you are able to do this and share it here that would be great, otherwise I can have a go at it when I get a chance.


Hi Greg,

that's easy. Look at the Map-Index, page 2 [Elements] and check the Link and Attachements in you map.

You'll get the size of it.

You can also filter the by links and attachments in the Power-Filter

Best, Andreas


Hi Nick and Andreas,

Thank you for your suggestions.

  • The index filter allowed me to cull some attachments within the out look emails.
  • It seems that the large file size is due to clipboard dumps from snip and sketch. I had asked the question to the Corel technical team and response was that the dumped images would be png. I now presume they are not png as their file size should be in the kb-to very low MB range. However the file size of the mmp is 15 MB.
  • So I think my best option now is to use the recursive branch method to determine the culprit images.

Thank you both for your comments and contribution to my understanding of mmp's


Hi Greg,

I also have problems with dumped images in the map. They stay large even after compress them with the feature in the Backstage menu. Now I'm using the Windows standard function Ctrl + Win + S or the app Snagit. That works fine for me.

btw. office elements are imported as a container (smart-link) those topics are large than the original email.

Kind regards, Andreas