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Coenie M. shared this question 22 months ago

I purchased the latest upgrade for Mac, the co-edit feature is missing for mac. Why is that you advertise co-editing and when purchased only find out that co-editing is not available for MAC?

I had the older version which did not have the co-edit feature , I upgraded because so advertised. This is bad product service!

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Dear Coenie,

Thank you for your question. As you speak of an upgrade, I assume you are using either a MindManager Perpetual (single license) or a MindManager Enterprise Perpetual license (team license). They both support Mac and can be upgraded but will only bring you the latest version, not the Co-edit feature. The Co-edit functionality is included in MindManager for MS Teams, Professionals, and Enterprise.

I would advise you to contact your local MindManager team ( and see if they can assist you in switching to either MindManager Professional or MindManager Enterprise, depending on your need. (Marked in green below).

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Hi Connie,

I checked your license and you do have a MindManager Subscription so Co-editing should be available in the application. Please ensure you have MindManager 14 for Mac installed. If you already have Mac 14 installed, try signing out and back into the application.

If that does not resolve the issue, please contact our Customer Support Team - MindManager Support

Note: In order to co-edit with other users, they must also have a MindManager subscription.

Best regards,