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Adam E. shared this question 19 months ago
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Hi all,

It seems that the Professional version has changed somewhat, can someone please explain.

I have purchased the Mac Version of Mindmanager, and am subscribed to the Upgrade Protection plan. It appears now that the Professional version has replaced just buying the Windows or Mac only versions. And the professional version now has a one-time purchase.

I really prefer going the one-time purchase route, and wondering if there is any way to upgrade my Mac only product to the new professional plan (for all devices). I don’t see any upgrade pricing for that, just a one-time fee to buy it outright ($450) or the subscription. I think you should make upgrade pricing available for those who want to continue the one-term purchase route.



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Also, one more question, what will the Upgrade Protection plan cost for the new Mindmanager professional edition? Thanks!


Hi Adam,

If you have an active Upgrade Protection Plan subscription, then you're eligible for the latest version of the Mac desktop version.

Contact our Customer Service team and they can set you up: https://www.mindmanager.com/en/support/contact/

Let me know if you have any further questions.




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