Ctrl + Alt + M opens Mindmanager / Can't write "µ" anymore

Kevin W. shared this question 14 months ago

Hi there,

we have a couple of users of the current version of Mindmanager in our company. Since a lot of them are working in the R&D department they need to use the µ - symbol quiet often, but non of them is able to write it anymore. Whenever the necessary keycombo is pressed on a german keyboard layout (Alt Gr + M or Ctrl + Alt + M) Mindmanager opens, no matter where you are in Windows.

Is there any way to stop this behavior?

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Does Alt+0181 on the numeric keypad work?


Hello Kevin,

This keyboard shortcut launches the MindManager 2020 Snap desktop application. Your users can remove or change the command in the Properties area of the MindManager Snap desktop and start menu shortcuts. Note: In MindManager Windows 21, this default keyboard shortcut was removed.

To delete or modify the Start Menu Shortcut -

  1. Search MindManager Snap.
  2. Right-click the shortcut and choose 'Open file location'.
  3. Right-click MindManager Snap and choose 'Properties'.
  4. Delete or modify the shortcut and apply.

To delete or modify the desktop shortcut

  1. Navigate to the shortcut.
  2. Right-click the shortcut and choose 'properties.
  3. Delete or modify the shortcut and apply.


Thank you very much, to both of you! The solution Marian offered did resolve the issue. I was well aware of the Alt+0181 workaround, but I did not want to offer my local CEO as well as one of our department managers that as a permanent solution.

Thank you again :)