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I am a new user;

I import a large number of topics from excel. Some properties are lists in excel.

- Is it possible to define the property as a list in the import process (I think not) ?

- I am able after import to change the property from "text" to "list" for ONE topic. I would like to have this property be a list (with the list of acceptable values) for ALL topics. Can it be done ?

Note : I saw that I can copy one topic property to all topics but it does not stick if I re-import from exel plus the topic value get copied too overwriting the previous value.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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This is a fairly complex set of questions which I hoped that someone more experienced in importing from Excel (and also using topic property lists) than I am would have answered by now, but I'll have a go.

Unfortunately I think the short answer to your first question is no - all topic properties appear to be treated as text when they are imported from Excel. In addition it is impossible to avoid property values and types being overwritten if you re-import the spreadsheet to the same file.

It's also a bit unclear as to why you want to do this - is it because you want to have the ability to change the list value on a property after import? Also, will the list vary a lot? If not, you could always set up a dummy topic with a list property type, add all then possible options to this list and save the topic as a map part. You could then add this as a floating topic to the map after each import and then copy the list property to all the relevant topics in the map and then select the appropriate value, but this would have to be done manually each time you import.


Hi Alex,

Thank you for your answer.

I tried your suggestion but when I copy my properties from my map part, it overwrites the value of the property. So it does not work for me.

Here is my use case :

I have a bunch of users (20) create a liste of projets in google Sheet that I consolidate in 1 gsheet that I export in excel. I then import this excel in MM to create a map. I wanted to repeat this to have a bulk update once a day.

I just give up. It might not be a great idea in the fisrt place as there are other limitations (I loose the icons and so on and so forth). I think the only way would be to write a macro.

Thank you for your help anyway


Hi Pascal,

I'm still puzzled as to why you need to overwrite the previous map exported from Excel. Would it not be simpler just to have a fresh map each day?

If you want to embellish these maps in some way, for example by adding icons or markers, you could create these in the Map Index and then develop a set of SmartRules which use the property field values as triggers to add these markers. Save these rules in the SmartRules library. Copy the relevant groups in the Map Index to the imported map and add the relevant rules from the SmartRules library after you import each daily map.


This topic is related:

I can also send an example macro that updates properties across the whole map.


Thank you Alex and Nick,

Oh boy am I in trouble :-) For one I am a newbie in MM and my knowledge is based on a few hours of reading. Then, I am not totally clear on what I really want I must admit.

I use MM for my brainstroming and to create stratégic directions from about 400 individual projects that I import from excel. I group similar ideas, tag them based on maturity or importance etc. I repeat this with a view by region or the world or by function or by intent... well I brainstorm.

At the end I would like to export my work under the form of a nice table similar to the initial one but with the new structure and various flags... I will then probably a) redistribute the file to the initial creator of the list of projets and use other software tools.

When I export I do get the icons. Great. I do loose the Texts which are splitted in various tabs.

If I re-import the same file.

- The icons do not follow. I had though of smart rules but then they are fixed by the smartule and I cannot change them in a kanban view, losing some flex there.

- I struggled to but the Text back in a subject (it seems possible though)

- My properties are supposed to be lists for the most part but they are text once re-imported

- ...

I was hoping to be able to synchronise MM and excel but its not been designed for that.

I thnik and can get close with the work around you mention and I am pretty certain it can be done with vba.

I would LOVE to do this but I am in a time crunch and I have to get moving. I need to focus on the matter more than on the tool at least for now. It could be that I come back to it later.

Thank you anyway for listening to my rumbling.

Have a great we