How to solve the internet explorer issue with browser navigation section in mindmanger?

luisfernandomerlano shared this question 2 years ago

when i click to a youtube video link in a topic, the mindmanager browser section ask to update the browser, but the browser is updated meanwhile i click other links in other topics and the web pages load in navigation section without any problem. I always had this problem with mindmanager since 2012 version and i want to solve it once and for all.

Is there a way to use a Google chrome as a embebed browser in navigation section in mindmanager?

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Hello Luis,

As of version 21.1, MindManager Windows now utilizes Microsoft WebView2 to display web pages within the embedded browser. WebView2 is based on the Chromium Edge browser and YouTube content is supported.

I suggest you trial MindManager 22 and consider upgrading.

Best regards,