Recently maps are rebalancing to stop?

tpkleins shared this question 14 months ago

I typically manually place my branch topics around the central topic.

I created a new map from a topic and the new map continually auto-balances or said differently, the placed topics move around on their own when I try to manually place the second one.



UPDATE: I recreated the entire Map via New Map (and it is working normally) SO it appears that the Send Topics to New Linked Map just got buggy for me??

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Which platform and version of MindManager are you using? I have also seen the template theme unexpectedly re-applied from time to time but not identified the trigger so far.



First time it did that BUT I'm about to start Sending Topics to their individual maps.

I looked at the Template Theme but to no seemed to be the rebalancing...I'd reposition 1st topic no problem, but when I would place the 2nd topic all other topics would move around (seemed like they were pushed down).

ALSO, one other behaviour that seemed odd was that using Enter to create a blank new Topic seemed to place the topic above the previous one, instead of below.

I'll try to play with Send Topic and see.