Can I group many topics and elements and colapse and expand them?

Ricardo_Leite shared this question 2 years ago

I am using Mind Manager 12.1.190 for Mac and I am searching some feature that allow me to select different elements of a map, group them and colapse in a single one. Is this possible in this version?

Best Regards. Ricardo

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Hi Ricardo,

I am little unclear about the requirement here. Do you mean to group different topics ?

Currently, in traditional map you can apply boundary around a branch , which consist of topics and subtopics and collapse . See attached screen shots of expanded and collapse view .



You can also create a map using Free Form map template and add Boundary around each topic or branch as shown below. Please let me know if this is what you are looking.





Hi Shilpa,

Many thanks for the help.

Yes, this is exactly what I need, but I am using a flowchart, I am not able to insert a boundary with more than 1 element. When I try to do this, MindMap create a boundary to each one.

Do you know if I have to way to do this in this kind of map (flowchart)?

Best Regards,



Hi Ricardo,

In Flowchart maps, you can group topics using shapes. You can access Shapes from the ribbon menu and select any appropriate shape & put it around the topics you want to group. Please see the screenshot here. Just to illustrate I have chosen two types of shapes - rectangle and bracket. Let me know if there are any more questions.




The solution Shilpa gives is fine, but....

I can imagine the use of a global processflow that just shows the steps between depts, where each step could be expanded to all the detailed steps.

Example: I want to build a car One of the steps is to mount the engine, but in details the engine has to be built in many small steps as well.

So Please add this to the list of possible future enhancements


Thanks for providing more details, Ary.

As a workaround , If you want to add more steps to any of the process you can convert that flowchart topic to a hierarchical/ traditional map format and add subtasks.


If this is not exactly what you are looking and wanting different way to achieve which is not present in the application. Then I would encourage you to add this as an idea and suggest other users who finds value in this enhancement to vote on it.