Does anyone else think moving around the map feels awful? Even worse using co-editing.

The G. shared this question 2 years ago
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I am trying to sell MindManager to my team, but other people (and I do agree) feel like moving around maps feels way more clunky than most other mind mapping apps like Miro, XMind, MindMiester etc... Moving around in MindManger is not smooth. On a Mac using my track pad I cannot pan diagonally. Also, when I am using MindManager on Windows using Co-edit, it makes navigation even worse and is laggy to the point of making my co-workers very frustrated.

Are we missing something or are there any plans to improve the most basic of user experience moving around a map?

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Zooming is even worse. Am I missing a setting somewhere?


Hi, are you using MM22?

Deactivate in the options - Visual Effects - Enable animated scrolling

Moving in my maps is smooth and easy


Hi The G.,

Our UX team will be emailing you, we would like to do an online conference call with you to record the issues you are experiencing so that we can address them.

Thanks for posting!