Start- und Ende-ZEITEN in den Aufgabeninfos

MarkusWenger shared this idea 20 months ago
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für einige Aufgaben wäre es hilftreich, über die Aufgabeninfos zusätzlich auch Uhrzeiten eingeben zu können.

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Markus Wenger

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Do I understand your idea correct if you want to allow not only dates but also the hour of the day when a task should start or end?

If so, this granularity could be helpful in some cases.


Oddly enough, if you sync a task from MindManager to Outlook as an appointment it will be assigned an arbitrary start and end time in Outlook which can be edited at the MindManager end. However, in my experience at least, adjustments made this way to the time and indeed the date of the appointment are not reflected in that task’s task info in MindManager.

I agree though that the ability to handle start and end times with MindManager would be really helpful and would also allow the program to used to manage appointments.