How can I use one Mindmanager program with both my user accounts on my laptop?

Dene B. shared this question 23 months ago
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I have two user accounts on my laptop. I would like to use the Mindmanager software, already installed, for both users - both 'Users" are me but I use each for different purposes. How can I do that on my Apple MacBook Air?

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This response is only valifd if you have the latest version of MM installed.

If your company have MindManager Enterprise licenses, you can request your systems admin to allow both user accounts to use the software, as long as the total number of users is not in use yet.

When that is done, you can simply switch between users via Log-out / Log-in.

If you don't have MindManager Enterprise, you obviously need a separate account for each user.


Hello Dene

It looks like you are using an older unsupported MindManager version for Mac (V10). I believe this should work just fine.

I do not know if you have tried it yet or not. Are you having issues? If you are, could you specify what they are?