MM 2021 terminates abruptly during search in Linked Maps

Paul K. shared this question 18 months ago

I have a "master" map with a dozen linked maps in it. When I go to Linked Maps view and perform a search, it works great. It finds all the occurrences of my keyword or phrase within all the linked maps and displays the results accordingly. The problem comes when I try to click on one of the search results to take me to the location in that particular map. It just crashes the MindManager. However, if I open the map I want to "jump" to ;first, the link in the search results works as expected. Seems like MindManager should open the file for me or at least a friendly message stating you must open the file first. Unfortunately, it just terminates the program immediately.

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Hello Paul,

This is a known issue in MindManager 2021. The issue has been addressed in MindManager 2022.

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