is the a plan to add backlink to Mindmanager

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I don't understand your question


When you link to a page, it's a one-way pointer that doesn't have any information from the referring page. That's how most links work.

However, bi-directional links are 2-way connections where you have your classic link and a backlink (with additional context) to the referring page. So, if you add a link to page B in page A, page B will show that it has a backlink from page A.

Is the a plan to add bi-directional links (backlink) to MindManager?

to Mindmanagerto Mindmanager


Aha, thanks for clarifying.

This is available depending on the situation.

  1. EG You have a very large map and you want to split it into several smaller.
  2. Rightclick on the topic that you want to be the central topic of the new map.
    Select SEND TO NEW Linked Map and follow the options.
  3. This gives immediate bidirectional links.

In other cases you can simply add the return link to the topic.


The MAP add-in for MindManager has a two-way topic linker that can add bi-directional links between two topics in the same map. This works but there appears to be a slight bug in that the linked topic is unnamed in the link.


In MindManager desktop, you can easily create reciprocal links between topics by using the drag and drop function.

1. Drag the topic that you want to link to over the topic where you want to insert the link.

2. When the menu button appears, release the mouse button, and choose Insert Link.

To insert links between the two topics, choose Reciprocal Link.



Thanks - I'd forgotten that!