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Hello there!

I am interested in Mindmanager and love to work with mindmaps. I have to learn a lot of things by heart and was wondering if there is a function in Mindmanger to represent certain Mind Maps after a certain period of time to not forget the content. Comparable to a program for cue cards.

Thanks a lot in advance for helping me out!

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One suggestion could be to use the Topic Alert.

I assume you have info of interest in your mindmaps and if you set a topic alert on one of them,

It will give you a message to check it once the alert signals.

You will find topic alert under Insert ribbon > topic elements > alert.

Ofcoure you have to select the topic first to be able to use the function.

It is possible to have multiple alerts so you should not forget anything in future.



Hello Ary,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

So you have to set up the topic alarm manually?

Is there an automatic function with an algorithm designed aligned to how the brain memorizes information (like in certain cue card programs on the web)?




As far as I know Topic alerts is not automated. They do work even if MindManager is not active.

But then again, you have to inform any system that you want to have some kind of alert.

If any system would alert me about everything that this system believes I should act on I would go crazy and switch to manual ;-)


Another option is to sync tasks in MindManager with tasks or appointments in Microsoft Outlook if you have the latter installed.

Set up the task in MindManager and define the Task Info, in particular the start and due dates. The right click on the task and send it to Outlook as either a task or an appointment. If you set up an appointment it will be given a default start and finish time. These can be edited at the MindManager end, but the easiest option is to go to Outlook, adjust the times there then go back to MindManager and resync the task.

However, if you change the appointment date this way it won't always show in the Task Info pane even though the fields on the appointment task itself will reflect the changes. This doesn't seem to be an issue with task due dates, which adjust properly after syncing.