MindManager 13 的文件在低版本中打不开

ghostzhang shared this question 2 years ago

MindManager 13 的文件在低版本中打不开,提示文件内容错误。

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I don't know what you mea by a lower version, but...

In general newer software versions add functionality that is also stored in the maps/files created.

So it should be normal that older versios cannot read those.

However, the latest versions of MindManager use the *.MMAP format for files.

Some older versions can only read *.MMP files


Hello Gostzhang,

There appears to be invalid XML characters in your map, which causes it to not open in both MindManager Windows and Mac.

Please open a case with our Technical Support team and attach a copy of the file and our technicians will check if it can be repaired - MindManager Support

Best regards,