Searching mmap content (in SharePoint Online)?

Yves B. shared this question 2 years ago

We store our mmap files (4000+) in SharePoint Online.

We would like to search the mmap files content (text - label - note, etc).

Any ideas?

Windows 10 does index the mmap content but not SharePoint Online.

How do you search for the mmap file content, outside of MindJet?

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Therefore you'll need an updated MindManager SP-Add-In šŸ˜„

Hope we'll get this very soon


Hi Yves,

This is a limitation on the SharePoint side. SharePoint Online does not currently index MindManager mmap content and it is not searchable.

The content is searchable in Windows 10 because we install a DLL named MmWindowsSearch64.dll. At one point, we had an iFilter DLL for SharePoint but it only worked with SharePoint On Premise and Microsoft eventually stopped allowing custom iFilters to be installed with SharePoint Online.

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