for co-editing is required that other users also have MM license?

emonterog shared this question 2 years ago
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I have usually upgraded every year to the next MM version hoping to get a nice suit of new features that helps make mindmaps more visual and boost your productivity. This year with v 2022 I was hesitant to do the move because I did not notice any improvement at all except (They Say) the co-editing feature and more ways to collaborate with others. I have not used this feature in the past but at the end I gave it a try and recently I was promoting a project to work in collaboration with other so I understood I could share with MS Teams, allowing people to work with a map. Now I realize that in oder to work in collaboration with others, they also need to own a license. Is this true? If so I dont see why I paid for something I cannot use unless I find people that own same license. I am feeling very dissapointed with Mindmanager and how they are changing their business model and pushing away loyal customers.

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It's really easy - If you want to create or edit a MindManager map, you'll need a license.