Better readable text display when hovering over the notes icon of a topic.

Mike shared this idea 2 years ago
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If we insert a longer text as a topic note, MM displays it as a single extremely wide and therefore incomplete line when we move the cursor over the icon. To prevent this, you have to invest time to edit the text. Alternatively, you can display the info card, but that means selecting the object beforehand and pressing Ctrl + Alt + I. And it also means, that we have to close it after that.

The fastest way would still be the quick display when mouseover. So, I don't know if that depends too much on what the operating system provides, but if it were possible to reduce the width of the displayed note text to a customizable readable one when we move the mouse over it, it would be great.

Alternatively: mouseover would open the info card and it would only stay as long as the mouse remains motionless or if we click on the card (to confirm that we want it). Or something similar...