Improvement for the My Maps Pane

Mike shared this idea 2 years ago
Voting Open

As I already suggested for the Open File Screen, a kind of better overview of all our mind maps would be great. MM would also be its own map manager

But that would help in another place as well: The My Map Pane. New functions for this pane:

a) I suggest to add a new MM file search there. It would find maps by their properties, by name, keywords, comments etc. So this is about finding and sorting maps according to their metadata and not their content.

b) What if we not only had a list of artificially generated mind map shortcuts and collections in the My Map Pane, but all maps were there (sources could be set, e.g. whole partitions)? The collections would be replaced by categories that we choose for our mind maps. So every mind map would be sorted automatically. If we were to assign several categories to a map, then these mind maps would also be found in each of them. This is more flexible than the current collections.

This suggestion not only aims at a more comprehensive mind map management, but also at the full use of our map properties. Why should we assign a category or a keyword, if it is of little use in our day-to-day work?