SharePoint-Linker doesn't work with the new MS Lists!

Andreas L. shared this question 2 years ago
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The SP-Linker can't find the new list-type "Lists".

I created a new List in TEAMS (= SharePoint) to track my tasks, but the SP-Link can't find this list.

Import is not possible šŸ˜„

It seems that the SP-Linker for tasks only works with an onpremise SharePoint and not with SharePoint online. Please look into this issue. Connecting with SP-List is absolutely necessary to follow and update our task-management.

If I search for Custom List my Tasks-Tracker is found and my tasks are imported from Teams *great* but they are frozen and can't be edited in the map. That's disappointing šŸ˜­

Please update this feature!!!!!

Regards, Andreas