Topic links should be tried before being rejected

Nick D. shared this idea 2 years ago
Voting Open

In MindManager for Windows, if I click on a recent file in File > Open and the link does not work (e.g. because it is on a disk that is offline), then that file gets removed from the MRU list.

However, this also seems to block topic links to the same file. Clicking on a topic link to the same file says it does not exist without trying, even if the drive is connected and the file can be opened by navigating through File > Open > Local. If I re-establish the same topic link by browsing to the file, it works. Once the file has been opened successfully, the topic link is permitted again.

This is awkward behaviour. While dropping unreachable files from the MRU list is a reasonable way to keep the MRU list clean, blocking explicit topic links to the same file makes things difficult. Files may not exist for hard reasons if they have been deleted or renamed, but might also not exist for soft reasons if a drive is temporarily inaccessible. It would be better if topic links were not pre-blocked due to a prior failure. The link should be tried first and an error thrown only if the file really does not exist.