Introduce shortlinks for HTML5 maps

Pieter v. shared this idea 2 years ago
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Two problems arise when publishing and managing HTML5 maps:

  • the HTML5 map receives a long and impossible to remember URL; if you want to make this URL known to others, you would do well to make it shorter and understandable via a shortlink service such as
  • for reasons that are not always explicable, the connection between your mind map and its published HTML5 variant can be lost; recovery is not always possible


  1. Let the MM authors themselves determine the last part of the URL of the HTML5 map. For the MM Author and the endusers of the HTML5 map this shortlink forms the connection between mind map and publication. The MM author and HTML5 users no longer need to know what the final URL looks like.
  2. Have the MM author also revoke such a shortlink if necessary AND then reuse it if desired for a new connection between MM and HTML5. Any loss of connection can then be taken care of by a NEW publication using the OLD shortlink.