Allow Gantt charts to show topic properties as columns & other formatting suggestions

Alex G. shared this idea 54 days ago
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  1. Sometimes it would be useful to include selected topic properties as columns in the Gantt grid. Obviously grid real estate is limited and only a few columns could be added, but it it would be helpful if, say, any three topic properties could be selected by users to display.
  2. In addition, while there is a dedicated Gantt resource chart view there really should be an option to add a Resource column to the main Gantt chart grid.
  3. While most users want to display the full date in the Start and Due Date columns, sometimes it would be helpful to have the option to show just the day and month, or the month and year to create a less cluttered display for presentation purposes.
  4. Finally, it would be a nice touch if there was the option for the brackets indicating rolled up parent topics in the Gantt chart view to assume the same fill colour as the topic itself in the map and as shown in the Gantt grid.

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