In Mac Version 23, what happened to the design tab referenced in the Version 21 User Guide?

Alan B. shared this question 22 days ago
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I have been a MindManager user initially as a Windows user since 1998--who know what version any more! Over the years I saw the software evolve and improve until it was purchased by Corel. At that point, some changes were improvements and others a reversal, but by that time I had a major investment in work product and could not find a better offering, so I stuck with it. I changed over to a Mac about 10 years ago and continued running MM under Parallels until I couldn't stand the keyboard any longer. I moved to the Mac version of MM at version 11.

I used to be able to control the format of just about everything through the "secret" design screen that could be accessed under the Format menu--I forget the specific sequence of choices I had to make, but it worked fine when I could get to it.

Lately, all I see are reductions in functionality and reversals in usability. The template function is worse than ever, if you don't remember to add every possible option on the model, you have no way of knowing what you did or didn't set. To make matters worse, I used to use Notes heavily and, while additional functionality has been incorporated, the Notes module is loaded with bugs and you have to be extremely cautious to save frequently in case it decides to change what you put in.

CASE IN POINT: Use a numbered list, indent a couple bullet points (with - ). Everything looks fine except when you BackTab to put in the next number in sequence. Numbering restarts, refuses to recognize the previous number is a list, and when you try to change the new number 1 to 2, it puts numbers where you had "-" prevously and reverts the new number 2 to number 1 again.

I am totally stuck (i'd say something stronger, but this is a public venue). I REALLY want to dump this software, but am short for time.

Could you please restore the Design Tab and stop ruining this software?

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